Yoga at home: Why choose live stream yoga

Have you been wondering what all the fuss is about with online yoga classes? Since the beginning of the Corona virus pandemic, everything we do has moved online in some way, and with that the yoga world has become a more accessible and inclusive space that is easier than ever. This is all thanks to interactive live stream yoga where you join a class in real time, gaining tips from teachers as if you were in-studio, all from the comfort of your own home.

We wanted to know why so many people are incorporating live stream yoga into their routines. So we asked our Yoga Mapp teachers to give us their expert advice:


Live stream yoga means ease and accessibility

You can join yoga classes at home. All you need is a computer, tablet, or mobile phone that supports Zoom, a reliable wifi connection, and your wonderful self! At Yoga Mapp, all live stream yoga classes can be joined one-off, and there are no sign up fees, rolling gym contracts, or travel costs.

“I’ve really enjoyed teaching online, especially when people turn their cameras on, because then it feels really real! I’ve enjoyed not having to commute anywhere, and reconnecting with people I hadn’t taught for a long time, due to location or time constraints. Being able to teach and practice from anywhere has been really wonderful.” – Negeen Aram

Yoga instructor Negeen Aram teaching yoga at home
Yoga instructor Negeen Aram in seated side stretch
Yoga instructor Negeen Aram in camel pose

Variety of online yoga classes

Live stream yoga isn’t limited by location, and our global network of experienced yoga teachers is always growing. Of course there are classes to get you sweating, but there are also sessions to help you de-stress, detox, reconnect, re-energise, and much more. We offer over a number of styles, from a strong Vinyasa Power Flow to a chilled out Yin Yoga Class.

Look out for the colour coded levels to help you decide which class is right for you and your level, too.


The comfort of doing yoga at home

Exercise is quite a personal thing for many. Not everyone gets pumped up by the sight of lots of very fit people working on machines, and live stream classes allow you to completely control your now environment. Fancy whacking the heating up for an immersive Hot Yoga experience? Why not, it’s your workout!

Want to stay in Savasana for an hour after? Go for it, it’s your living room!

“I love that it’s encouraged some who found yoga studios daunting a chance to explore in their own homes, in their comfort.”- Aimee Warren

And if you’re pregnant, shielding or can’t get away because the children are tucked up in bed, try one of our evening yoga classes by candlelight and hop straight into bed afterwards.

Yoga instructor Aimee Warren in puppy pose

More time for you and your practice

Ultimately, it takes less time to throw on your sweats and jump on Zoom than it would to take part in an in-person yoga class, which is ideal for those of us who struggle to make time for ourselves and our routines. Suddenly find yourself with a spare hour and stiff shoulders? We have a live stream yoga class for that!


Connection through live stream yoga

It can be easy to spend a lot of our time interacting from behind a screen without really socialising, particularly since the COVID-19 outbreak began earlier this year. We think it’s important to maintain a holistic lifestyle that includes real human interaction. We select our yoga teachers not only because of their yoga experience, but also their warmth, generosity of spirit, and passion to share their practice.

“I love being able to connect with people around the world, regardless of time zones, and share a virtual space together. To be able to guide people through a live class, and watch them develop their own practice on the mat. Top tips: Be patient with technology, and use Gallery View on Zoom” – Connor Roff

Yoga instructor Connor Roff in Janu Sirsasana
Connor Roff teaching live stream yoga

Virtual yoga knows no borders: Inclusivity

Accessibility and inclusivity should go hand in hand. Yoga is a journey, and that might look a little different from person to person. We want to encourage and embrace that diversity in both our students and practitioners, in any way that we are able .

What I love about teaching online is the ability to reach people in different countries, my classes are more diverse than ever before and that’s pretty cool. Pari Faramarzi of Om Mama Yoga

Online yoga enables you to be in total control of your space and yoga practice. Students think so too: “I took up yoga at the start of lockdown, doing classes with Connor over zoom. His classes make yoga feel accessible and I feel at ease to learn and improve. He paces his classes well and focuses on the importance of breathing which I really appreciate”. – John


Online yoga classes for stress management

Covid is ambiguous and new. Studies show mental stress and anxiety has increased across all age groups since the virus. Flight or fight is rife and cortisol levels are on the up resulting in weight gain and other serious health complications. For high risk groups such as asthma sufferers or those with other more serious conditions, getting to a gym or studio at this time is just too anxiety-inducing.

Yoga is well-recognised as being a very effective way to manage stress, as it not only activates the body, but also focuses on breath control and relaxation. Being able to practice yoga at home helps you avoid any unnecessary stress.

Angela Keen combines yoga with mindfulness, which helps to recentre and forget whatever worries I have. I can get out of bed every morning without pain and with ease… I definitely can say that I am a convert to yoga and truly am in love with Angela’s classes.” – Ruta.


Healing through virtual sounds and vibrations

Some of our teachers also offer sound-healing classes; Kasia Blackwell offers alchemy bowl sessions and Marta Antero gong baths, in which they use resonance and sound healing as a meditative tool. The British Academy of Sound Therapy studies show that sound therapy induces improved physical relaxation, feelings of positivity, insightfulness and union. For beginners to these practices, lying still and listening to high pitch sounds may seem strange. But trust us, you’ll experience a feeling of calm and relaxation and the vibrations will leave you feeling relaxed and at peace.

“Gongs are one of the most powerful healing tools. They clear your subconscious mind of limited beliefs and emotions stuck in the body. They also stimulate the production of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, calming stress and anxiety and relieving muscular pain.”Marta Antero

Yoga teacher Marta Antero playing Gong
Yoga teacher Marta Antero playing Gong
Yoga Teacher Marta Antero with sound bowl

Try something new in the virtual yoga space

Whether you’re looking for online yoga classes for beginners or just fancy switching up your flow, there is a huge range of yoga styles to choose from. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, so why not step out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just for an hour or so. Our personal favourite is a Yin Yoga class before Sunday lunch with Donna Noble to help you chill for the rest of the day.

One of the other positives to come out of lockdown is the increase in partners and loved ones who have taken to yoga as it’s so easy to try a live stream yoga class if your other half is doing one. And such a great way to bond, too!

“I love teaching online! It’s been a big learning curve for me. I love that it encourages newbies to join, and the whole family can get involved!”- Abbie Biscoe


And finally…why choose live stream yoga with Yoga Mapp?

Quite simply because our teachers put their heart and soul into everything they do! As Founder of Yoga Mapp, Shruti has made a personal connection with each of the teachers on the Mapp, has tried their classes and knows they are rated and loved by other yogis.

When you book one of our yoga teacher’s classes, you’ll receive a personal note from your teacher to connect you both and that’s where your yoga journey starts: together.

Our booking system is simple and intuitive and you’ll genuinely be making a difference to each teacher, who sets the price and receives the majority of your class payment.

Readers of this blog are welcome to book a class with a 10% discount with the coupon code “yogamapptrial”.


We look forward to seeing you on the Mapp.

*all class offerings are correct at time of posting and are subject to change. Please check our schedule for up to date classes.

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