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Every time I speak to a teacher, I’m fascinated and intrigued to hear about how their personal journey led them to finding yoga, firstly as a practice and then to teach. One thing that strikes me is that these stories are always touching, often emotional, sometimes filled with trauma or life events that change the way they view life and their own approach to it. It’s in this blog that I hope to share with you some of these stories, in case they resonate or even help you a little and encourage you to connect with your own practice on the mat.” – Shruti

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Have you been wondering what all the fuss is about with online yoga? Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, everything we do has moved online in some way, and with that the yoga world has become a more accessible and inclusive space that is...

Cast your mind back to March of this year: COVID-19 lockdown. It’s finally starting to feel like a distant memory. There was a lot of anxiety in those first days, certainly in London as we watched the cases rise. In my little yogi bubble, having...