Shop Moonchild Yoga Wear in the UK!

Yoga Mapp launches online store for UK customers to buy Moonchild Yoga Wear, Denmark’s leading active leisure brand. 

Yoga Mapp is thrilled to share the exciting news of its online store, where UK customers can now easily get their hands on Moonchild Yoga Wear, the renowned Scandinavian brand for holistic yoga and active wear.

Founded in 2015, offering a diverse range of sustainable yoga apparel, from leggings and tops to yoga mats and accessories, we are proud to partner with and support the growth of this wonderful company.

Our online store not only provides a convenient avenue for UK customers to access Moonchild’s high-quality yoga wear but also eliminates the hassle of EU import fees. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint, given Moonchild’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, bluesign certified fabric, and regenerated fibers like Q-Nova.

Moonchild Yoga Wear’s collections, influenced by sleek Scandinavian design and infused with a touch of femininity, empower performance and have been tested by yoga and fitness enthusiasts for comfort, style, and fit.

Moonchild Yoga Wear has gained a reputation for its sustainable and ethical practices, including using low-impact dyes and packaging made from recycled materials. The brand is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and it works closely with its suppliers to ensure that all products are made in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Louise Wang Nielsen, the founder and Creative Director of Moonchild Yoga Wear, expressed her excitement about the partnership:

As a brand, we are committed to sustainability, and we are excited to offer our eco-conscious and high-quality yoga wear to customers in the UK. We are thrilled to welcome Yoga Mapp onboard as a wholesale partner in the UK.``
We are proud to be working with Moonchild Yogawear,`` said Shruti Srivastava, founder of Yoga Mapp. ``I’ve been living in Moonchild since lockdown and am so passionate about supporting the brand for so many reasons. Their commitment to sustainability and female entrepreneurship aligns with our values, and we are excited to offer our customers in the UK access to stylish, contemporary and high-quality yoga wear.``

Yoga Mapp’s online store is now live with Moonchild Yogawear’s latest collection for UK customers to explore and purchase. Readers receive 20% off any sales made via the shop until 31st March 2024 using the coupon code MOONCHILDUK2024.

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