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Yoga Mapp offers well-being to workplaces to support your well-being agenda. Get in touch to discuss your well-being strategy and how we can partner with you to deliver optimum self-care and wellness sessions to your people virtually or in-person.


It’s widely reported that employees nowadays want to work with companies that have a culture that supports their mental and physical wellness.  They expect employers to offer physical health and wellness incentives and programmes.

Working from home is here to stay

With hybrid approaches that combine home and office-based working,
it’s clear that working from home is here to stay.

Get in touch if you're looking to offer flexible benefits to your agile workforce that they can make use of wherever they may be.

Offering your team the opportunity to book a Yoga Mapp with one of our qualified teachers on a date and time that suits them as a reclaimable expense is a great way to offer a more personal self-care benefit for a flexible workforce.

*Wildgoose UK, Feb 2021

What we offer

Group Sessions:
all welcome

1:1 Private Sessions

Introductory workshops

Special events

Live classes: virtual and in-person

Explore the variety of our yoga classes: Ashtanga
...and wellbeing sessions:

Why collaborate with Yoga Mapp?

Global and inclusive mindset

Tailored service

Experts in yoga and well-being with previous experience working in law firms, government and professional services

What our clients say

How employees feel


63% of 18-34 year old have mental health worries

Yahoo Finance UK, Oct 2021


49% experience increased fatigue because of a heavier workload 

HR Executive, June 2021

Less resilient

40% feel less resilient today than before the pandemic

HR Executive, June 2021

Burned out

44% are more burned out today than a year ago

HR Executive, June 2021

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