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Yoga for beginners online: Anyone can do yoga.


Yoga is for every body and anyone can practice yoga at home. All you need is a yoga mat and the internet!

That’s why Yoga Mapp offers a variety of yoga styles and a range of virtual online yoga classes at affordable prices set by our yoga teachers.

We offer a range of yoga class levels whether you’re taking your first step onto a yoga mat and looking for yoga for beginners at home, or are a more experienced yogi practitioner seeking out your next challenging sequence!



Find a yoga class on Yoga Mapp that’s the right level for you.


Yoga Mapp teachers categorise the level of their own classes, so if you have any specific questions about your upcoming class, it’s worth chatting to your yoga teacher directly and we can even put you in touch before you make a booking of any online yoga class.

Here’s a guide to help you decide what level you’re at in your personal yoga journey so that you can book a virtual yoga session that’s right for you.


All levels is suitable for any level of yoga practitioner, whether you’re someone who has never stepped onto a yoga mat or a yogi practitioner.

Learner defines online yoga classes for those of you new to the particular yoga style or who have taken very few classes as you’ll be gently guided through your practice.

Beginner+ means online yoga classes for beginners: These classes are perfect if you’ve tried this yoga style a few times but are not so familiar with the postures, styles or sequences and need a more gentle approach or clear verbal cueing to get in and out of the pose.

Intermediate+ would be for those of you practising yoga regularly for some years.

Advanced classes are for students who may have either completed teacher training or are extremely flexible and open. Do you find getting into lotus an easy breezy affair? If so, these classes will be for you!



Celebrate the comfort of doing yoga at home.


There’s no doubt practicing in a yoga studio is beautiful – feeling the energy of your fellow yogis around you and inspiring each other. But doing yoga at home has just as many perks and here are just a few of them:


First of all, you can create your own studio. Before you start your live yoga class online, shut off your notifications, light some candles and scents, turn up your favourite yoga playlist, roll out your yoga mat. This will set you into the right mood.

Being connected via livestream might not be as intense as being in a room together but it allows you to fully focus on your personal practice and listen to your body without any distractions from yogis around you.

Also, wherever you might be, the beauty of practicing yoga at home is that you can join your yoga teacher’s class even if he or she is in a different country. Yoga Mapp is connecting yoga teachers and yoga students from everywhere around the world through online yoga classes: England, Canada, South Africa, Germany – check out where our teachers are from and see you soon on the mat!

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