Marta Antero

Kundalini, Gong Baths, Cacao Ceremonies and Addiction Workshops

Yoga Teacher since September 2010


London, United Kingdom

Beautiful everybody!

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

Marta Antero specialises in Kundalini yoga for addictions, stress and anxiety and has studied with international leading teachers, including addiction expert Dr Gabor Mate. She is also a 26&2 and Hot Pilates teacher and Gong player. Pre-lockdown, Marta travelled and taught workshops in the US, Australia, Philippines and Indonesia. Now online, students from around the world can join Marta’s classes, workshops and Gong baths and experience her contagious energy and enthusiasm from the comfort of their own homes.


Having spent nearly 20 years working in the corporate world, Marta brings a modern approach to yoga, empowering her students to embrace real life challenges, manage emotions and create shifts in their lives. Although initially attracted to the physical benefits of yoga, she quickly became interested in how to control the mind and became a teacher to empower students to fulfil their potential without any self- imposed limitations.

See Certifications

Adults Yoga Teacher Training

Original Hot Yoga (Bikram), Los Angeles, 2013

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Indonesia, 2013

Yin Yoga with Norman Blair, London, 2017

Inferno Hot Pilates level 1, Bali, 2017 and level 2, London, 2019

Flyhigh Yoga, Bali, 2018

Agama Yoga - Tantra Yoga, Thailand 2011

Mastering the Addictive Personality Teacher Training, London, 2015

Beyond Addiction Programme with Dr Gabor Mate, Budapest 2018

Yoga for Body Positivity with Donna Noble, London, 2020

Managing Anxiety with Minded Institute, London, 2020

Trauma yoga and neuroplasticity with Minded Institute, London, 2020

Yoga Nidra for Mental Health with Minded Institute, London, 2020

Breathing Appraisals with Minded Institute, London, 2020

Sound Healing

Gong Yoga Training with Mehtab Benton, London, 2017

Sound Healing with Shervin Boloorian, Bali, 2018

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Special Yoga Centre, 2013

Starchild Yoga, 2015


Shamanic Reiki Healing Level I and II, Bali, 2018

What students say

“I absolutely loved the Kundalini class like wow on Sunday. So powerful, iit really opened up some channels in me. It was one of the most powerful classes I’ve done since…my last class with you! I will be attendance much more regularly.” Daniel

“Marta’s classes are amazing…she puts her heart & soul into every class which is so clear obvious from her teaching, content & delivery…she works us as hard as she works herself too.” Ruth

“Marta is truly an authentic teacher with an amazing ability to inspire and uplift her students. I warmly recommend her classes to everyone” Bea

“Marta’s teaching is inspirational. She brings energy and positivity to every class she teaches, communicates a passion and a joy for yoga that is infectious, never tiring of conveying the therapeutic benefits, and seems to genuinely care about drawing the profoundest potential from each student” Sam

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