Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yoga Mapp?

Yoga Mapp is an easy to use booking tool for students to find and book and teachers to list classes on our platform.

Why was Yoga Mapp set up?

Yoga Mapp was set up during Covid-19 to offer a one-stop virtual space in which to find and share all the fab classes that were available through livestream during that time.

Why livestream?

Livestream yoga increased in popularity in 2020, not only because of lockdown but also because it has broken down some important barriers with regards to its ease, inclusivity and accessibility. As students, we no longer need to feel awkward or self-conscious about practising a new style of yoga or a join a class that we might find intimidating in public. Instead, we can practice in the comfort of our own homes whilst still feeling the energy of others and experiencing a real time class with live teaching and in-the-moment verbal adjustments.


It’s also been a great way to get yoga into daily life when taking time away from home to practice, especially for parents and carers, is limited.


So, whilst we support listings of location based classes, workshops and retreats, that adhere to Covid-19 regulations, for now, you’ll mainly find a wide range of livestream yoga all in one place. Just make sure you’ve got your screen on and that your space is hazard-free.


We hope you enjoy practising livestream with real teachers in real time, as much as we have!

Why practice yoga?

Yoga means union and connects the mind, body and soul. It:

  • Brings calmness to the mind through meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation
  • Improves flexibility, strength, tone and relaxation to the body
  • Has healing properties and helps to feel centred

The more regular our practice, the greater the benefits.

Who can practice yoga?

Yoga is for everyone and every body!

Anyone can practice yoga. That’s why Yoga Mapp offers a variety of yoga styles and a range of class prices. We offer a range of class levels whether you’re taking your first step onto a yoga mat, or are a more experienced practitioner seeking out a challenge!

How do I know what level of class to book?

We know that people can’t be labelled but here’s a guide to help you decide what level you’re at in your personal yoga journey. Teachers categorise the level of their own classes.


All levels

Learner: new to the yoga style, hardly taken any classes

Beginner+: tried this yoga style a few times but not so familiar with the postures, styles or sequences

Intermediate+: been practising a while but may be with injury or limitations

Expert: may have completed teacher training, extremely flexible and open, e.g. can do lotus.


*If you are new to yoga or have any health conditions or are pregnant, please seek advice from your health practitioner prior to booking. Yoga Mapp does not assume any responsibility for injuries and damages, known or unknown, which might occur as a result of participating in a class that has been listed on the site.

What kind of classes can I book on Yoga Mapp?

We offer the following classes:


  1. 26&2 / Original Hot Yoga (you set the heat!)
  2. Ashtanga
  3. Gong
  4. Hatha
  5. Hot Inferno Pilates
  6. Kundalini
  7. Power Yoga
  8. Pregnancy Yoga
  9. Vinyasa Flow
  10. Yin
  11. Yoga Nidra

How do I book a class on Yoga Mapp?

  • Search by teacher name, yoga style or date. You’ll find information about the time, duration and where the class will be taking place.
  • When you select your chosen class, you can check whether the class level is right for you, what the focus of the class will be, including what yoga elements are included and an overview of your teacher. You can also find out more about your teacher by clicking on to their Teacher profile.

How does Yoga Mapp set class prices?

All our prices are set by our teachers and are subject to change. We are pleased to confirm that the teachers listed on the site take the majority of the payment minus a small booking fee.

Do I pay a membership fee?

There are no membership fees for students. That means you are free to try out as many teachers and classes as you’d like, whenever you feel like practising.

Why do you ask for my health information for every booking?

Yoga Mapp does not make any assessment of your health, fitness or skill level and it’s your responsibility to consult with a doctor before attending any classes listed on Yoga Mapp. We ask if you have any health concerns when you make a booking so that we can pass this up to date information on to your teacher solely for the purpose of assessing your health or ability concern for that specific class.

What if I need to cancel my class?

If for any reason, you would like to reschedule your class, please send an email to support@yogamapp.com and you will receive a code valid for any identically priced class by the same teacher to book within a one month period. As per our cancellation policy, which can be found in our Student Terms & Conditions, this request must be made 24 hours before the start of the class that you’d originally booked.

What if my teacher cancels my class?

If your teacher cancels a class, they will either arrange the class for another time or if, for any reason, this is not possible, we’ll issue a full refund of any sums paid.

Why do I have to agree to Yoga Mapp's Student Terms and Conditions and my teacher's Terms & Conditions?

All class bookings on Yoga Mapp are made between you and your teacher.

We simply deduct a booking fee from the payment made to teachers for the class you have booked.

I'm based outside the European Union, can I still book a class?

We welcome bookings from international students, however please be advised that all our terms our governed by the laws of England and Wales and you should check with your teacher if there are any relevant restrictions that apply in their insurance cover in respect of your location

How do I pass on feedback about my experience?

We hope that you enjoy using Yoga Mapp. We are always looking for ways to improve your experience and would welcome any feedback you may have. Drop us a line at support@yogamapp.com.

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