Sophie Blackman

Meditation, Women's Sharing Circles

Circle Facilitator since May 2020


Crystal Palace, London

Instinctively we know that to breathe in, we must first breathe out.

The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

Every New Moon and Full Moon Sophie holds space in women’s sharing circles, a combination of meditation and storytelling, for women to share their stories. Moving onto an online format has not lost the magic of sharing circles. In fact, it has made these circles more accessible at a time where we need meaningful connection more than ever. Sophie sets the tone for the circle with a guided meditation that helps us to lay down our armour and enter into a soft space where that connection can be created.


Sophie has worked in the medical industry since 1999, currently specialising in clinical education where she facilitates medical training. She is drawn to helping people, and through her own experience of trauma and healing has been compelled to step onto a new path. Sophie learned to facilitate women’s sharing circles in 2020 through Gemma Brady, Founder of Sister Stories.

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Circle Facilitator, May 2020

What students say

“I see a wise woman, deep in her own transformation and holding the door open for others to do the same” Stella

“Sophie says the right words at just the right time with a sensitive and empathetic approach” – Lauren

“Sophie allows her light to shine bright without dimming the light of those around her. She is a gift to the universe” Ameerah

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