Nate Thomas

Beginners Yoga, Breathwork, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Teacher since September 2019


Hitchin, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

Light on Life, BKS Iyengar

Nate remembers his first ‘Om’ experience, tucked away in the back corner of a large studio in Sydney. A month later, he longed for the same togetherness. The practice became his favourite part of the day, feeling the benefits both physically and mentally. Struggling with chronic anxiety, yoga gave him space to step back, understand it and face it. As teachings of eastern philosophers trickled into his mind, he picked up snippets to tackle his anxiety. This is something that he brings into his classes and he loves to take practitioners to their own perceived limits and then show them that they have more to give.


Nate took the plunge to take his YTT 200 hours with Nico Luce in Spain in September 2019. It was the perfect choice for him and was a whirlwind of learning, growing, transforming and challenging himself that was a true cherry on top of the personal journey he’d been on at that time. He is repeatedly inspired by Nico and Dylan Werner.

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200 Hours The Art of Teaching Yoga, Spain, September 2019

What students say

“In the few months that I have been training with Nate, I have been able to master poses which I found incredibly difficult beforehand and often didn’t even attempt! He explains and demonstrates how to get into a posture safely with clear cues, which has given me a really good foundation to deepen my practice.” – Donna

“Nate’s classes are dynamite! I have been practicing with Nate for a year now and I can honestly say he is my go-to teacher. His classes are fiery and challenging, but inclusive and encouraging. Although he is humble, there are snippets of wisdom that are drawn from philosophy and anatomy and I feel as though he is always learning something new and sharing his knowledge with us.” Roxanne P.

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I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • I am participating in online (“Zoom”) Yoga classes offered by Nate Thomas during which I will receive information and instructions about Yoga: breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, physical exercise (asana) and verbal adjustments.
  • I recognise that exercise requires physical exertion, which may be strenuous and may result in physical injury, and I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. I understand that it is my responsibility to practice carefully, and use given pose modifications or stop altogether as and when I deem necessary.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to consult a physician prior to and regarding my participation in yoga classes offered by Nate Thomas.
  • I represent and warrant that I am physically fit and I have no medical condition that would prevent my full participation in the classes I have applied to join.
  • If I am pregnant, I understand that Nate Thomas is not a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher and I participate entirely at my own risk and that of my unborn child.
  • In further consideration of being permitted to participate in the yoga classes, I knowingly, voluntarily and expressly waive any claim I may have against Nate Thomas for injury or damages that I may sustain as a result of participating in these classes.
  • I am fully responsible for my own well being (physical, mental, emotional) during the class and will only practice at my own pace.
  • I will inform the teacher (Nate Thomas) if there have been any changes in my medical / health condition which might affect my Yoga practice before participating in a class via email, and heed the advice given thereafter.
  • I have read the above waiver of liability and fully understand its contents. I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above under my own free will.
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