Maitri Shakti Kaur

Kundalini Yoga, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Cleanses, Meditation, Sound Healing, Gong

Yoga Teacher since February 2013


London, United Kingdom

The pain and discomfort during your practice is temporary the benefits will stay forever.

When Everything Falls Apart by Pema Chondron

Kundalini yoga has been the most powerful tool, using breath, movement and mantra, Maitri has come across to open up and balance all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit – allowing you to achieve and maintain mastery of yourself.

Maitri’s classes are infused with inspiring guidance, moments of self-reflection and embodied alignment. They can be fun, slightly challenging and deeply elevating to the point of changing the way everyday life is experienced outside of the mat.

Maitri has been teaching online to students around the world since 2017. Her gift is connecting on a personal level whilst creating interactive classes that keep you present.


Maitri has specialised in Kundalini yoga for addictions since 2015 and retrained in January 2021. She worked for over a year in a rehab centre in 2013, supporting clients through the ancient science of Ayurvedic Nutrition and Kundalini Yoga. Her expertise is to show clients how to gradually integrate healthy routines, learning how to maintain balance and prevent relapses, becoming independent from old dynamics. In her group classes you will get a glimpse of her approach with anxiety and light depression practices.

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February 2013, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Research Institute

What students say

“Maitri’s yoga sessions are a unique experience. These have been the only sessions where my body finally started to heal, recover and grow stronger (…) Her continuous curiosity, explorations and life experiences provide you with a space where you will feel comfortable discussing any topic, questions or doubts that one encounters in life every now and then.” – Natalia

“It was almost 4 years ago, I was coming out from a heavy drug addiction when I met Maitri and Kundalini yoga (…) I never did much yoga in my life before, but Kundalini is a different sensation and it was perfect for me (…) I’m completely out of drug now, in my mind there is no more, also because of mediation, kundalini yoga and Maitri.” – Simona

“From the very first moment, I felt a connection with Maitri and her teaching style. She speaks softly, letting her words carry wisdom and encouragement. She moves gracefully, making strenuous exercises seem natural and effortless. She radiates elegance, acting as a beautiful example for others to live in truth and simplicity.” – Dimityi

“Maitri is an incredible teacher and guide. It’s hard to put into words my gratitude for having these sessions with Maitri for now over 6 months. Our sessions make me feel like I am being wrapped in the arms of the great mother. The work is soothing, nurturing, beautiful and divine (…) I feel a love and appreciation of my body again because of my work with Maitri.” – Jasmine

“You are such a caring innovator. I really enjoyed the cooking class experience. I think it added a wonderful new dimension to the cleanse. It helped to form group norms, a bond and it was educational as well. I will be working on perfecting my chapati all week!” – Savannah

“Cleanse Why? If you seek balance, knowledge and experience, you must have courage to be vulnerable, valuable and open to change. Maitri is a kind, gentle guide. She takes you at your own pace, helps to form a community and gives you a lasting impression of what can be achieved. Always becoming.” Savannah, US

“I have found the group very supportive. I love to be with other women in a deep and authentic way. The feminine energy is so powerful and strengthening! Engaging with others through a healthy practice feels really light. Connecting with ourselves through meditation and yoga allows us to connect with each other in a meaningful way.” – Lilly

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