Kate Duncan

Tai Chi, Qi Gong

Tai Chi Teacher since May 2017


West Berkshire and Wiltshire, UK

There is no rush in Tai Chi

Being Taoist: Wisdom for Living a Balanced Life by Eva Wong

Based on the Sun Style of Tai Chi, a sophisticated art form based on martial arts, Kate’s classes are easy to learn, effective and safe. She is committed to helping you develop a quiet mind and a slower pace, following which you will start to develop your concentration and focus. Even after one class, you’ll experience an integration of mind and body.

When practised regularly, you’ll see a steady progression and continue to feel less tense. Kate works closely with clients who have Parkinsons, ME, MS and she sees real evidence of relief of symptoms such as tremors, imbalance and joint pain. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is linked to the release of Chi, or energy life force.


Kate worked in the film industry and had a very active life. She was introduced to Tai Chi and Qi Gong at the same time as practising martial arts in 2017 and after a few months of continuous practice which helped her feel calm and stronger, she decided to learn to teach. She is inspired by the release of energy that Tai Chi brings.

See Certifications

Tai Chi Sun Style (for Arthritis), May 2017

Tai Chi Sun Style for Arthritis Falls Prevention, May 2017

What students say

“Tai Chi with Kate is such a relaxing and calming experience. I know I’m in good hands and Kate is very knowledgeable about Chinese martial arts and its wisdom. Tai Chi has helps me to transcend the daily stresses of life and take time to really slow down.” – Katie

“I have been joyfully calm since practicing Tai Chi with Kate. All my stresses leave my body whilst in class, I slow down and I have a true sense of myself” – Mark

“Throughout lockdown I have felt anxious but Kate’s Tai Chi class has helped me stay calm”. – Sharon

“I am calm, my hands tingle and I feel warm inside, as well as calm. I didn’t think something so slow would suit me, but I love it. Have been with Kate for over 2 years. As I live on my own, Kate has been there practicing with me and others online.” Pat

“Thank you for helping me with the dissipation of my arthritic conditions.” – Howard

“I have developed tremors but Tai Chi and QiGong stops it during the practice and for some time afterwards.” Anon

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You will be asked to complete a health form prior to joining a session with Kate. Please either copy and paste the below and return to Kate on receipt of her Zoom class. Alternatively she will send to you the form to complete in advance of the session.


By booking a session, you confirm that you have disclosed all current investigations into your health and advised of any conditions that you may have, and consent to attending group and or individual sessions.


Please complete the below health form once you have booked your session with Kate.


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Based on the risk assessment I have to make you aware that one is at greater risk if: You are an older male, have a high body mass index (BMI), have health conditions like diabetes, or if you are Black Asian or minority ethnicity (BAME) backgrounds.

I confirm that I have disclosed all current investigations into my health and advised of any conditions that I may have, and I consent to attending group and or individual sessions.

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