Emma White

Beginner's Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra

Yoga Teacher since 2020


London, UK

Root down to rise up!

Journey to the Heart, Melody Beattie

When you step onto your yoga mat with Emma, you’ll step out of the busy-ness of your day, and away from your to-do list, worries and fears. In her classes you’ll slow down and create a pause. You’ll get out of your mind and into what you can feel in your body and breath right now, in this moment. For Emma, yoga and meditation are practices of self-awareness, and of reconnecting body, mind and breath.


Emma, a keen runner and previously a rower, was introduced to vinyasa yoga during her time at Cambridge University. She loved the energy, strength and flexibility that the practice gave her.

Previously a Geography teacher and a luxury travel consultant, Emma’s all-encompassing life of work and studies resulted in her sacrificing self-care. Looking back, she realises now that she pushed herself to exhaustion and anxiety. She started practising vinyasa more regularly when working as a teacher, enjoying the mental tranquillity of the practice, alongside the physical challenge, which other exercise could not bring. It was this which sparked her passion, and led her to complete her yoga teacher training in 2020.

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200 Hours Vinyasa Flow, House of Yoga London, July 2020

30 Hours Yin Yoga, The Shala and Yoga Treat, London, October 2020

What students say

“Emma’s instruction style has a great mix of all the good things: great postures, flows, core training and twists/stretches. Above all I loved the spiritual aspect that she weaved into the sessions, making these classes a wholesome experience for body and mind. Emma has this talent to really use her voice to either ignite energy or make you relax. You are well guided all round and get out of her yoga classes with this big smile on your face, a happy heart and a relaxed body. Thanks Emma!” – Sarah

“I never thought I’d enjoy an online yoga class, but I’ve become totally hooked on Emma’s teaching. Emma’s classes offer both a challenging work-out as well as the opportunities for calm, meditative stillness and reflection that I find I often miss in higher-intensity sessions. She creates a warm, welcoming online environment and gives very specific feedback that has helped me to improve my technique. After years of trying out different yoga styles and teachers, I am delighted to have found a teacher who offers a holistic package, and whose guidance often prompts me to new reflections and insights into my yoga practice. “ – Talitha

“Emma is excellent at nurturing both the mind and body during the yoga sessions. I can come to one of her classes after a busy day of work and feel serene and strong. She encourages you to challenge yourself and I have noticeably improved at the more challenging poses as well as my posture and fitness in everyday life. She is a very special teacher and I have been feeling really good with Emma’s classes. Thank you Emma!” – Zoe

“I absolutely love Emma’s approach to yoga — the postures are challenging yet adaptable and her voice is so soothing. She ensures the class works both your body and your mind, with helpful thoughts and guidance that I could take away with me at the end of every session. I am incredibly grateful that I was able to practice yoga with Emma (online) during the past few months.”– Sara

“Emma’s yoga classes are helping me to calm down, re-focus and improve both physical and mental aspects of my well-being. I deeply appreciate the manner in which Emma designs her classes. Each class is a form of Yoga poetry, inspiring me to let the practice influence my thoughts, feelings and actions during the rest of my day.” – Laura

“Emma’s yoga was restorative, strengthening and a a fantastic all round dose of feel good. Having practiced yoga in the past, but not for some time, I particularly liked how Emma’s classes allowed me to push myself while still giving me options to pace myself.” – Luke

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Our Services

Emma offers regular yoga and meditation classes and workshops, online and in-person.

‘Classes’ means both online and in person.


Emma’s Classes


Class Booking and Arrival:

·      Please book for your classes as early as possible, and no later than 20 minutes before the class start time (online) and 1 hour before the class start time (in person).

·      The Zoom link for your online class will be emailed to you with confirmation of your booking.

·      Please check your junk mail for your confirmation email if not received.

·      Please enter the online class waiting room 5 minutes before the class start time to help maintain punctuality.

·      For in-person classes, please arrive 10 minutes before the class start time to allow time to set up and settle.

·      Late arrivals will not be let in after the class has started.

·      If the class is fully booked, your space may be offered to those on the waiting list.

·      Emma reserves the right to refuse entry.


Cancellation, late cancellation and no-shows:

·      If Emma has to cancel a class for any reason, she will inform you at least 1 hour before the class start time, and will return your credit to your account.

·      You will be entitled to cancel attendance at a class provided the cancellation is made 24 hours in advance of the start time of the class you have booked.  No refund shall be made in respect of a cancelled class but you can reschedule a booking free of charge or receive a credit for a class with the Emma for an identically priced class at any time. 

·      No-show: If you do not show up to your class, your credit will not be refunded.


Age Restrictions

·      Students under 18 years cannot book any classes with Emma.


Health and Well-Being

·      Yoga is a safe and effective form of exercise, and I take great care to ensure your safety and well-being.   However, you are required to take full responsibility for your own practice in class.

·      If you have low/high blood pressure, cardiac irregularities, are pregnant, recovering from injuries, have limiting conditions, take regular medication or have any existing medical conditions it is your responsibility to seek the advice of a medical professional before signing up to any of Emma’s classes.

·      It is your responsibility to ensure that the classes you take and the variations you choose are appropriate for your physical and mental conditions/limitations.

·      You must take full responsibility for your own body and practice in class and make the me (the teacher) aware of any medical conditions, complications or physical limitations before class.   Emma reserves the right to refuse entry into any class if there are any concerns.

·      You must agree to honour your body by adjusting the practice according to your own capabilities and needs to ensure that no personal injury occurs.   Should injury occur during class, Emma will not be held accountable.

·      When practising online, you must agree to practice in a safe space, take breaks if needed, and stop immediately if you feel pain or unwell and seek advice from a medical professional.

·      When practising online you must have your camera on, or accept that you practise at your own risk with your camera off.

·      It is recommended that you refrain from eating two hours before class and make sure that you are hydrated and have water available to you during class.

·      You are participating in my online classes at your own risk, with everything you do being carried out as your choice.   Emma does not accept any liability for any injury or damage arising from the use of this website and the classes here.

·      Emma is fully insured but am not a medical professional, and cannot offer any medical advice or diagnosis.


Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga

·      There are currently no specific Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga classes on offer with Emma.

·      Pregnant women are welcome to attend any class, but with the understanding that they take responsibility for their body and do so at their own risk (see health and wellbeing section below).

·      Please inform Emma at the start of your class if you are pregnant or have any concerns.

·      If, for any reason, an infant accompanies their parent to a class, the parent will be wholly responsible for their own offspring.   Emma will accept no liability for the children during this time.



Please note that the above information may change from time to time.  Prices are subject to change without notice.


Agreement to Terms and Conditions

·      By attending a class/workshop/private session with Emma, you acknowledge and agree with the terms and conditions on this website.

·      If you have any questions regarding the above, or relating to what Emma offers, please contact support@yogamapp.com and we can put you in touch.

·      Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!


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